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to the homepage of a small Romanesque beauty - the church of Sylbitz, Saalekreis, Central Germany!
Most of the content is available in German only but if you like you can take a short tour through the history of the building in English.

Want more? You can find the church with the help of this map.

Feel free to contact us via Dirk Höhne, head of the supporting association for the Sylbitz church.

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Chorturmkirche Sylbitz e.V.
Pfarramt Teicha
OT Teicha
Dorfplatz 19
D-06193 Petersberg
Tel.: ++49 (0)34606 / 20333

BLZ: 80053762
Konto-Nr.: 384081240

Inhalt: Dirk Höhne
Gestaltung: Jörg Wicke